Friday, 4 December 2009

The Illusionnist_Sylvain Chomet

As there are some pictures from the movie to come "The Illusionnist" already on the net, I take time to present them to you! There we go:

Here is Tati animated by Peter Dodd, the first Tati I've assisted.
The Drunk guy in the car has been animated by Victor Ens and stays one of my favourite character in this movie, with secondary characters who are really fun.

The image under shows the singer Billy Boy, animated by Manolo garcia Lopez on which I was doing the tie down of the animation breakdowns... The band have been animated by Javi Martin I also assisted the drummer... and will never forget him...!

This Tati above has been animated by Thierry Tores,and the next one, just under, by Laurent Kircher, awesome! They were the lead animators for Tati and their animations really are stunning.

As you can see the backgrounds and the colors are really amazing, the whole movie is really beautiful to look at, and the effects like smokes, water, waterdrops...have been made by hand, not digital, Olivier Malric animated them and his work is extraordinary, but you will see...
I've been really happy to work with such a good team and so many talented artists.

...The movie will come soon, we still don't know when, but for sure it will be in 2010...

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